I began this project when Terence (willie) Wilson, called me up and said that he had a project that was bigger than anything that i would’ve imagined. He asked me if i would take the next two and a half years of my life and dedicate it to this project because he knew my fascination with scale (he has the same fascination). Willie and i have worked on detailing and production projects like  fiat @ auto expo 2008 (jan) and eastwind music festival 2008 (feb). I was introduced back into meroform (india) pvt. Ltd. Where Mr. Binu nanu was more than generous to understand that this project would need a lot of talking,reading, thinking, and couldn’t develop inside the four walls of his noida office. He gave me the freedom to write on his walls and question his thoughts. He would read aswell! In the six months while the world expo project was alive willie and i acted like project managers, where we started with developing teams, talking to people and diving into not just the theme of the whole project and what it meant theoritically but also trying to understand the practical aspects of it. Meroform and Designhabit have worked on the previous india pavilion at Aichi, Japan in 2005 and so we started our meroform and designhabit discussion with understanding exactly what went right and what didnt and why? We sat down and chose the team we wanted to work with for this project.

That’s when i met amar for the first time after a long time.Amar has done to me what he does to almost everybody’s minds, he’s given me more than just design understanding while talking only about design. He’s understood all possible circles of thought in my brain and made some into lines and some into more circles just to see the fun! He’s taken care of me like a little girl during all those allnighters in the jungle. He’s always heard me out, leading to me not knowing what more to say. He’s left me most unconvinced about my project at 3 a.m., only by 5a.m. I turn paths and become completely convinced by taking his route of the argument and reaching the otherside. He’s convinced me about the possibility of million perspectives to come from one being and all making sense. Amar always showed me the two important sides of this project, one being the real project and its reality and the other being my Diploma project requirements and understanding. The following is the very first and most untouched SOP and PS that we had come up. In
the course of this project, you will see how the moods and situations and circumstances changed and tweaked and turned these statements upside down and then we somehow brought them back as close as we could.


To create the India Pavilion for ITPO at The World Expo 2010  with the given official theme “better city, better life”.


To create a dynamic, tactile, transforming and evolving space based on an evolving narrative, with a high sense of interactivity in order to amplify the experience of INDIA to the world. Showcasing true-to-India habits and lifestyles which best bring out to the super-fast-developing cities in India, and at the same time, also complimenting the simi -larities between the two cultures (India and China).

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