Love, Prufrock

By The Third Space Collective

This play was first performed at
Downstairs, s47, Panscheel Park, New Delhi.

This play was again performed in 2017 at Instituto Cervantes, Delhi and The Oddbird Theatre and Foundation, Delhi. For more details, go to facebook

We used PVC pipes to make a open frame, and put rolls of bubble wrap to cover all the surfaces. This time around we’re creating a space for performance within a gallery, and will work with similar materials.


About the Poem and the Play:
T.S Eliot’s ‘The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock’ inquires into the disillusionment of a man with the times he is living in. Derived from this literary masterpiece, our performance uses the interplay of the human body to understand the poem’s protagonist and the structures surrounding him. In the attempts to find Prufrock inside the performers’ bodies, residing alongside their own anxieties, the performance ends up creating multiple Prufrocks. All cramped inside this overwhelming world of ours.

Devised by: Anannya Tripathyi (Performer), Dhwani Vij (Performer), Neel Sengupta (Director) and Rahul Tewari (Performer)

Light Design: Anuj Chopra
Light Execution: Ankit Pandey
Scenography: Vaibhavi Kowshik
Sound Design: Neel Chaudhuri
Production Manager: Jagrat Chand
Videography: Arbab Ahmad

Produced by : Third Space Collective

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