Memories of Delhi: Part – 3 : Birds of Prey : ‘Wildlife Rescue’ – Wazirabad – Delhi

Memories of Delhi in 360 by Vaibhavi Kowshik The third story – 2/2

Wildlife Rescue : A NGO working from Wazirabad, Delhi for the Birds of Prey in Delhi. Featuring Nadeem, Mohammad and Salik Bhai

Assisted by Kush Sethi

Created by Vaibhavi Kowshik

Music: She Gives Me by Moby, courtesy of

Part of the Museum Archival Fellowship given to me by IFA and Tata Trusts, in association with CCK and Ambedkar University. _________________________________________________________________

Archival Process Focus: Scrutinizing a single photograph and revisiting the stories of that scenario. In this case, Jain bird hospital got me to meet Nadeem, Mohammad and Salik bhai along with their birds of prey. Memories of Delhi focus: The archive has one or two photos of the Jain Bird Hospital. I took that story forward and found three brothers who now work together to help birds of prey that Jain bird hospital refuses to treat or feed.

Geographical/Map focus: Wazirabad

Ecological focus: Birds of Delhi, Birds of prey of Delhi.

My focus: Understanding 360 video better and creating awareness for Wildlife Rescue.

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