Sounds of Bamboo

 This workshop explores the symbiotic relationship between sound and material, as well as, mind and the body. Bamboo or Baans is the chosen material. These hours are spent discovering various sounds and stories while learning to create musical instruments out of bamboo. Vaibhavi Kowshik & Rahul Sharma are facilitating this workshop together. The workshop was co-created with The Lost and Found Trust, as part of their yearly festival calendar. We begin with friendly introductions, and instantaneously dive into a silent space, with the voices of the forest, and sounds from within, to bring in the energies. Stories follow this sounding-silence, and the connections are created, between the body and the sound, between the material and the sound, and between the tales of the forest, and then some of the city.
We introduce the material chosen – Bamboo, and show how it reacts differently as sound in nature. We will be teaching a few techniques for chiseling, cutting, and tuning the bamboo to create, small instruments that everyone can take with them, after the workshop. They encourage everyone to paint their instruments and create unique connections with the stories that were woven together earlier on. The art is open to interpretation, and will not be restricted to set styles and patterns.

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