Taramandal – By Tadpole Repertory

Photos taken by me, Kota Shiva, Neel Chaudhari

Taramandal is one of Neel’s plays that made me cry( the first rehearsal i saw for the sharing) and thus hate him the first time i saw it, but i learnt to enjoy his way of thinking soon after. Each performance made my understand the play a little more. I got comfortable relating to the idea of ‘that person’ neel has been trying to point out with this play. It has been an unforgetable journey travelling the country with the Taramandal team, and one that can never be replaced. I have been introduced to many auditoriums around the country, and various different challenges to create a simple square taped set on each stage. The boxes, that have defined my reason in this team, have also been a challenge every now and then, depending on the time,money,resources. To think of just eight boxes, has been the biggest challenge. They have, for almost, every play, have had to be like, that perfect scrambled egg for breakfast, and each and every time, i have managed to change the recipe slightly. This deconstruction in thought, when thinking about set design in the bigger scheme has taught me a lot of things. I still haven’t made that perfect perfect cube. Im still trying. Below the links are few of the photos that we have captured over time from phones and (well, few from an expensive camera for the brochure). This is a journey, and i hope it never ever stops.

My moments:

when we performed for rishivalley school. The children of this school, have been by far the most awesome audience.

Earlier on, when Uncle Andy would sit through the entire intermission on stage. Just sitting, thinking, watching, smiling to himself.

Please read the reviews to learn more about the story, explanations, reviews,


JAN 2012

3 shows @ NSD-meghdoot auditorium part of the Bharangam (NSD’s Annual Theatre Festival)

JULY 2011

Taramandal @ IHC Stein Auditorium, New Delhi
(2 shows)



Taramandal @ Rangashankara Auditorium, Bangalore
(2 shows)


Taramandal @ Hyderabad
(1 show)


Taramandal @ Chennai
(1 show)


Taramandal @ Akshara Theatre, New Delhi
(3 shows)


Taramandal Sharing @ The basement, Hauz Khas, New Delhi
(1 show)

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