I ask a lot of questions all the time. Some are tough, some redundant, some repeat themselves wearing a different spelling and tone, and some are just to annoy. Mostly its because I was taught very early on the advantages of asking questions…. Anything in excess is bad, so I try not to touch a million questions, I leave it at one less than a million.

Have you ever found love? stumbled upon it? What did you do when you found it? Did you ‘make use of it’? Or did you let it grow? Or did you kill it completely for the lack of time and interest? Were there conditions to this love? Was it the conditions that you fell for? Or was it the love?

This is what I did. I kept it far far far away, from my heart and my soul, even though I could see it seeping in from the corners. I saw a very soulful friendship, while the rest of the world (it seems) saw love and lust and desire. I’ve looked online and offline, for other people and their stories, and they don’t add up to mine as clearly, as I’d hoped for some mutual empathy. So now, I’m lost, confused, and very wary of all human beings and any interactions that I have with such beings. You wouldn’t like me at the moment – my horrid honest self, that spits evils as randomly as getting all sixes in a game of yahztee. You shouldn’t like me, if you’re part of this so called society, because I’m physically and verbally unable to be polite. I am capable of either shutting up all my senses, and soon after, walking away towards the escape route. I believe I had a sense of humour on life before this, but I think it saw me in this stage, and decided to kill itself instead.

It’s truly odd, that we humans create habits out of short circumstances, and spend our lives trying to realise them one last time — once again. We end up never starting from zero, ever, no matter what that habit maybe. Or who.


The following question is often asked at job interviews:

You’re driving along in your car on a wild, stormy night.

You pass by a bus stop

You see three people

An old lady who seems she’s about to die

An old friend who once saved your life

The perfect man/woman that you’d been dreaming about, to spend the rest of your life.

.Think carefully.

Who do you take in your car, knowing that you can only accommodate one person in your car.