A brief history of the Pantomimes – by The Tadpole Repertory


A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE PANTOMIMES is a fantasy about a community of people who decided not to speak in their daily lives. The play presents scenes plucked out of their imagined history, coloured by their biographers. From a Chaplinesque encounter of an old man finding love in a park, to the desperate efforts of a group of refugees to stay warm on a winter night, the stories pull us into a strange and silent world. Eventually we are confronted by the question: is such a thing even possible?

Cast | Abantica Das, Anannya Tripathyi, Andrew Hoffland, Anirudh Nair, Ankit Pandey, Anomita Sen, Bikram Ghosh, Devika Rajpal, Kriti Pant & Rahul Tewari

Writing and Direction | Neel Chaudhuri
Assitant Directors | Anirudh Nair & Bikram Ghosh
Original Score | Samar Grewal
Lighting Design | Anuj Chopra
Set Design | Vaibhavi Kowshik
Production Manager | Anusha Ravishankar
Stage Manager | Ishita Mehta
Publicity Design | Yashas Chandra

Shows: Bangalore: December, 2015, Delhi: April, 2016


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