Having come from an artistic and hands-on family, I would like to believe that my sense and understanding of creativity express a unique part of my DNA. A free progress learning program influenced me from a very early age. With these foundations I stand on and for today, I’m getting ready to create an educational edifice to honour my predecessors. I am working with my family to work on ARTS-GLACERHI, an All India Society that was originally registered in 2001. For more details, visit OUR FACEBOOK PAGE. Our website should be up and running by the end of 2022.

It all started when they penned down a dire need to develop a new strategy for Arts and Culture in my country. The main focus is:

  • To create and stimulate awareness among the public for creative springs of unrecognized talents, as well as known experienced, and skilled artists and crafts persons in the field of Glass, Ceramics, and Handicrafts.
  • To conserve, revive and promote the arts and crafts with a special emphasis on the continuation in the present and the future.
  • To encourage and promote art, artists, and crafts, with a special emphasis on the artists and crafts persons of caliber and potential in the creative visual arts and performing arts but as yet less projected.

We had a great starting point of hosting three spaces over three states for all our endeavors. We launched a Community Centre in Delhi-NCR, for collaborations, workshops, theatre, music, and dance workshops and performances as well as ceramic and glass and Papier-mâché workshops. We had to close down due to Covid.

We are now working towards creating and setting up a space for Glass recycling for art, social empowerment, and technology research. We would like to discuss these ambitions with like-minded institutions that work for social impact.

Till before covid, we were creating co-funding partnerships and collaborative opportunities for:

  • Nature Club:
    • for Children: We learnt to grow 10 urban growing beds of companion plants with the children and learn how to grow different vegetables and flower beds. Urban farming experts facilitate the learning modules used with the children, and it ran on donations from farmers and institutions who wanted children to learn this extremely necessary skill to grow their own food, and understand nutrition.
    • for Adults: We have had masterclasses seasonally and invited experts, hobbyists, specialists, farmers, F&B, to come and talk and inform the community of the dangers of food (packaged food, chemically ripened vegetables and fruits, etc.). The aim was to create a gardening group of adults who come in and aid in the growing processes of the community centre along with their personal gardening pursuits.
    •  Storytelling sessions with the theme of nature
  • Performing arts and Performances:
    • Musical performances
    • Theatre performances
    • Puppet performances
    • Dance performances
    • Workshops in theatre, dance, puppetry, etc. with the children who come from less privileged environments.

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